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    "Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have given you any worse advice." -Anonymous
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Light Painting: Matt Treece’s Story

So, here’s the deal. I did a quick write-up about my friend, Matt, and his photography, light painting, which is now featured within the blog section on CityBeat’s website. Here’s the story. You can also check it out on CityBeat’s website. “Light painting and graffiti are very similar,” said Matt Treece, local photographer and light … Continue reading


The boldest move.

So, it’s been a while. Here’s the part where I tell you that I was really busy and had no time write to an entry for this thing, but the truth is I was just to lazy to do it. Sorry. My bad? I’m happy to announce that there have been some major changes around … Continue reading

The lost art (part deux): Apparently it’s not just me (in 3-D).

About a month ago I highlighted “the lost art” of holding the door. Sure, it was a cheeky attempt at some cute humor for something that really does bother me from time to time. But, what I didn’t realize was the response it would receive. Honestly, I really just thought it was me on this … Continue reading

Quick question: St. Patty’s day edition.

So, St. Patrick’s day is soon upon us. According to the weather forecast, it’s going to be a very nice day for getting blackout drunk on Guinness and Jameson. Unfortunately, over the past few years I’ve been deathly sick. So, all this week I will be preparing my body for the abuse it’s about to … Continue reading

Entertaining perception.

So, last week I talked about Cooley’s looking-glass self. A very watered down version of the looking-glass self is the idea that we perceive the society around us and formulate a sense of self by perceptions of how others perceive us. Anyway, last week I also asked you to think about your own looking-glass self. … Continue reading

The mainstream is stealing my soul, but its counterpart is just as questionable.

I live in the now. As a matter of fact we all do. There’s no getting around this. Well, of course there are ways, but that is neither here nor there and for the sake of this post, let’s just act like I didn’t say that. We all have some form of connection with the … Continue reading


So let’s talk perception. In 1902, Charles H. Cooley introduced the concept of the looking-glass self. Stemming from the school of social psychology, the looking-glass self is the idea that “an individual’s sense of self is developed through interaction with others. More specifically, there are three facets to the looking-glass self: ‘the imagination of our … Continue reading

The rehash.

Well, ask and ye shall receive I guess. Just for the sake of time, I’ll do a quick recap. Earlier this week I asked the question: What irritates you about Cincinnati? I tweeted, I facebooked, I blogged and I nearly lost all sense of self respect in the process. Needless to say, I don’t exactly … Continue reading

Quick question. (Time sensitive)

Okay, so I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been sort of busy… you know…living life. Anyway, so we’re fast approaching the finale to my undergraduate college career; not that it matters to you, but I need your help, pronto. I hate asking for help, so this pains me, but here it goes. Question: … Continue reading

Hold the snark.

I love music. What’s wrong with that? Okay, before I begin let me set the scene. While at local watering hole over the weekend a couple of friends and I got onto the topic of music. I don’t remember why this came up or how the conversation evolved, but what I do remember is the … Continue reading